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Savor Sustainability: The Mordi Canteen’s Sustainable Journey

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Savor Sustainability: The Mordi Canteen’s Sustainable Journey

April is the month when our planet takes center stage, and what better way to celebrate Earth Month than by indulging in sustainable delights at The Mordi Canteen? Nestled in the heart of Kingston, our cafe isn’t just about serving exceptional coffee and delicious food; it’s about making a difference.

But sustainability doesn’t stop with our coffee beans. We take pride in our eco-friendly practices, from using Bio cups for takeaways to partnering with Reground for recycling coffee grounds. Every Tuesday, we open our doors as the Hubspot for the “Reclaim the Void” workshop, where Kingston women come together with a vision to cover mining pits that were left all over the country with large-scale
rag rug artworks.


Artist of the Month

April is also the perfect time to appreciate nature’s beauty, which is why our Artist of the Month is Camilla Cicoria, whose nature-oriented paintings adorn our walls, echoing the vibrant colors of the outdoors. As you admire her floral prints, you’ll find yourself immersed in the beauty of the natural world, reminding us of the importance of preserving our environment.

Our Delightful Cuisines

Let’s not forget about our delectable food options. At The Mordi Canteen, we believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table, which is why we offer a range of vegan and gluten-free options. From our mouthwatering Smash My Avo bursting with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to our Where’s My Fritters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy guilt-free.


So this April, join us in celebrating Earth Month at The Mordi Canteen. Whether you’re savoring a cup of our sustainably sourced coffee, participating in our recycling initiatives, or simply admiring the beauty of Camilla Cicoria’s artwork, you’re making a difference. Together, we can create a brighter, greener future for generations to come. We as a Responsible Kingston business are following sustainable and eco-friendly practices for our community.


Visit our website to browse our menu of delicious offerings. 


Together, let’s savor sustainability at The Mordi Canteen.


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