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The Mordi Canteen - Your go-to dog-Friendly Cafe in Mordialloc

Welcome to Mordi Canteen, where the love for good food meets the love for our four-legged friends. Discover the pawsome tale of how Mordi Canteen has become a haven for both humans and their beloved pets! We are the go-to dog-friendly spot in Melbourne, proudly endorsed by the Kingston Council! Indulge in global flavors served right to your table, making every meal a delicious journey.

Mordi Canteen is the place that not only offers good food but makes way for indelible memories. A cafe in the heart of bayside Melbourne - Mordialloc welcomes diversity and inclusivity, offering a unique menu that's as delicious as it is irresistible. From our famous halloumi salad to India via France, from our most loved piccolo latte to the perfect tea choices, we have got everything you've been looking for! When it comes to a place that promises a good view, some exotic dishes, amazing drinks, and a pet-friendly ambiance, we have the perfect solution for you. This is a place where great food meets a paw-some atmosphere for both humans and their furry pals. You heard it right! Just as we believe in providing the best quality to our customers, we strive to provide the best care to the pets of Mordi.

But what makes Mordi Canteen, The Mordi Canteen is the love we have for pets and their hoomans. As a dog-friendly cafe in Mordialloc, we prioritize a hygienic kitchen ensuring a safe environment for everyone. While indoor pet dining is a no-go in Australia, we have thoughtfully designed our outdoor seating area with a covered patio protecting you and your pets from rain, giving you the perfect marina views. The Mordi family works to give its customers a warm and inviting ambiance that sets the stage for delightful moments. Our outdoor seating area is dedicated to our furry friends with vibrant decor and comfortable furnishings. Our staff are experts at making everyone feel at home – whether you have two legs or four. The lively chatter of fellow dog lovers, the delightful aroma of our tasty dishes carried by a gentle breeze, and the wagging tails all add to the special charm of Mordi's atmosphere.

And just like our exotic dishes, we haven’t forgotten about our furry friends. Speaking of pet treats, let’s talk about “puppuccinos.” Forget sugary sludge, these dog-friendly frothy cup delights are specially brewed with their taste buds in mind (no caffeine, don’t worry!). But the real magic of Mordi is in the air. It’s the laughter of our customers swapping stories while their pups chew on their favorite treats. It’s the clinking of mugs and the happy sighs of humans, basking in the simple joy of good food and good company. Mordi isn’t just a cafe, but a family of wagging tails, warm smiles, and the universal language of belly rubs.

Bayside Dog Owners, leash up your pup, bring your appetite, and open your heart. Explore irresistible meals and yummy treats at Mordi Canteen for you and your pups! We are here to serve up a day of furry friends, coffee delights, and connections that will keep pooches’ tails wagging long after you leave!