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The Mordi Canteen Walls Speak the Language of Flavor

Mordialloc, a coastal gem in Melbourne, Australia, hides a culinary treasure – The Mordi Canteen. Beyond being a cafe, The Mordi Canteen is more than a journey – a journey of art where the walls speak the language of flavor, and give customers an experience they won’t want to miss out on. With a Bayside view and a homely ambiance, we create an experience that not only is comforting but keeps our customers happy by heart.

Where Culinary Art Meets Canvas: Embracing Local Art

The Mordi Canteen is situated in the heart of bayside Melbourne. We are not just limited to delivering exotic food but giving recognition to artists of Melbourne because they deserve it. In this quaint cafe, the walls echo with the strokes of local Melbourne artists. Each piece is more than decor, it’s a celebration of creativity. You can find wonderful artwork of Melbourne artists on our walls, which speaks the definition of creativity, and so do our dishes.

The Plate as a Canvas: Meticulous crafting each dish

The Mordi Canteen takes the essence of local art and puts it onto your plate. Picture the “Magic Mushies on Toast”  – an explosion of colors and textures. Beetroot hummus on sourdough, a medley of mushrooms, pan-fried king oyster mushroom, miso foam, enoki floss, and a poached egg. Then there’s the “The Mordi Canteen Benny,” a symphony of flavors. Slow-cooked brisket, Taleggio & Gruyere cheese croquette, and a green goddess hollandaise dance on your palate. All on a pumpkin sourdough bed, crowned with watercress and watermelon radish salad. And who could resist the “Burrata Bomb”? A mozzarella ball stuffed with cheese, adorned with rocket salad, roasted tomato & spring onion emulsion, mango salsa, and pomegranates.

The Mordi Canteen is a Coffee Lover's Paradise

At The Mordi Canteen, a cup is never just a cup. It’s an experience, a story unfolding with every sip. Delve into the world of the “Piccolo Latte,” where the robust flavor of our sourced beans meets the delicate touch of frothy milk. The aromatic blend of spices in our Prana chai is carefully curated and simmered to perfection. The Mordi Canteen’s famed “Flat White” is a darling of Melbourne, celebrated for its velvety texture and rich flavor.

And for Australia’s coffee fervor, The Mordi Canteen doesn’t just serve, it caters to the diverse cravings of coffee enthusiasts. From refreshing cold brews to comforting decaf, we ensure everyone finds their perfect cup. We work on embracing the shared love for this aromatic brew, while graciously offering our audience the cup they deserve.

The Mordi Canteen is rooted in sustainability

At The Mordi Canteen, our dedication to cafe sustainability goes hand in hand with delivering exceptional quality. Our coffee beans aren’t just sourced, they’re nurtured from the lands of India and Africa.

In collaboration with Locale Coffee Roasters, we proudly offer the “Eco Warrior” blend – a socially conscious, organic, and sustainably farmed concoction with notes of milk chocolate, sweet spices, raisins, and warm hugs. Sip with purpose, with 5% of every Eco Warrior purchase donated to Beyond Blue, Australia’s mental health organization, your enjoyment of coffee becomes a direct contribution to a greater cause. This blend also contributes to 5% of all purchases being donated to charities. We are a Responsible Kingston business following sustainable and eco-friendly practices for our community.

But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. Our coffee waste and milk cartons find a new life through Reground’s (a social enterprise fostering a circular economy) innovative waste collection projects. We not only minimize our environmental footprint but also contribute to the vitality of our land. It’s our pledge to deliver perfection to you while caring for our home, our land. These by-products, often discarded, become key contributors to compost, and gardens, for our farmers. We believe in transforming waste into a resource, making every aspect of our coffee-making process environmentally responsible while also delivering the best quality to our Mordi family.